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Donald L. Logerwell, Mediator, Arbitrator, Attorney



"Kathleen Wareham facilitated a series of family meetings for my clients, co-tenants and co-fiduciaries, with LLC, real property and trust administration issues.  Though the clients were initially reluctant to incur the expense of a professional facilitator, on top of legal fees, after only a few hours into the process it was clear the process was making a big difference.  The family members followed Kathleen's lead, discussed a variety of legal, business and emotional issues, and eventually reached a global agreement. I'm convinced we could not have reached agreement without Kathleen's facilitation.  She deftly helped the family members stay focused on what they could change, and acknowledge and accept contributions to past misunderstandings and conflict. The process was effective and efficient with Kathleen's guidance.  The expense was well worth it; the clients avoided the much more significant expense of complex, protracted litigation, and emerged with an opportunity for improved family relationships."

          -- Jennifer L. King of Somers Tamblyn King PLLC

"Last year I became president of a community organization with a very dysfunctional board of directors.  We had become stale and unproductive, only responding to crises and not providing much inspiration or energy to our membership, not communicating well with each other- and certainly not fulfilling our organization's mission.  We contacted Kathleen Wareham on the advice of a fellow board member and asked her to facilitate a board retreat.  In the space of one full day, Kathleen led us through some very creative exercises, provoked and inspired new ideas from us, got everyone talking to each other, and turned boredom into enthusiasm. Less than a year later, we are a different animal, having productive, lively meetings and functional committees, attracting new members, and enjoying our board experience. Kathleen was well prepared for our retreat and steered the meeting in a positive manner while allowing plenty of time for brainstorming and free-flowing discussion.  We had all been through other board retreats before and agreed afterward that this was without doubt the most productive- and the most fun.  I recommend Kathleen Wareham very highly as a board retreat facilitator.

         -- President, Community Non-Profit Board, Seattle (reference available upon request)

"I have known Kathleen Wareham for over 10 years both as a lawyer representing fiduciaries and in her role as a mediator.  Kathleen is one of those rare people who combine a thorough knowledge of the law with an understanding of how regular people are affected in complex legal situations.  I have participated in just one mediation facilitated by Kathleen.  It was an unqualified success in a situation where that was not a likely outcome.  I can recommend her services without qualification. If my own family were in a situation requiring mediation, I would call Kathleen."

          --Tom O'Brien, Executive Director, Guardianship Services of Seattle

"Kathleen Wareham has mediated several cases for me, each with different legal issues and varying political, financial or emotional obstacles to direct negotiation between the parties.  On each occasion she started the day very well prepared and then worked tirelessly and creatively to achieve a satisfactory resolution for all involved stakeholders.  Kathleen is objective.  She listens carefully to all participants and she hears what they are saying; she is able to accurately decipher the parties' underlying motivations; and she perseveres.  Her background in employment and civil rights litigation is a benefit, but, more importantly, she is well-versed in mediation theories, strategies and processes.  This background enables her to tailor her approach to the needs of a specific case, which she does quite effectively.  Listen to what your colleagues and opposing counsel are saying about their preferred mediators.  I'm confident you'll find that Kathleen Wareham is on most of our "A" lists."

          --Kate Battuello, Assistant Attorney General, State of Washington

"Kathleen Wareham was our mediator in a difficult employment case. Ms. Wareham was able to bring about a solution in this challenging case through her ability to focus on the heart of the issues.  She was well prepared, understood the law, and took the time to establish rapport with our client, key factors that led to settlement.  Prior to her involvement, the parties were at a seemingly unbridgeable impasse.  Through her smarts, persistent optimism, compassionate communication, and solid knowledge of the employment law landscape, she was able to help us develop a solution.  I was very impressed with Ms. Wareham as a mediator, and recommend her highly.  You can't do better."

          --Sara Amies, Teller & Associaties, PLLC

"Kathleen Wareham mediated for me one of the most difficult case imaginable, through a complicated settlement, all the way to resolution.  In this multiparty, complex, sensitive case, she was steady, straight, patient, and never gave up.  Through it all she was refreshingly enthusiastic, kept control of the process, and demonstrated integrity and trustworthiness.  I will definitely use her again as a mediator."

          ---Blaine Tamaki, Tamaki Law, Former Vice President WSAJ

"Kathleen Wareham is prepared, pragmatic and effective.  If you are tired of mediators who simply pass numbers and throw up their hands when the hard work begins, try Kathleen Wareham."

          ---David P. Moody, Partner, Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro

“Throughout our day of mediation Kathleen Wareham tenaciously worked to resolve our case. As is often true, the parties had an emotionally charged dispute—the type that is difficult for litigants to resolve rationally because it involves more than just an analytical assessment of litigation risks. However, Kathleen’s knowledge of civil rights law, perseverance, and forethought allowed her to bring us to common ground and ultimately a settlement. She not only thoroughly reviewed our submissions, but also took the time to call me to discuss the case prior to the mediation session. Kathleen’s thorough preparation and knowledge of civil rights law facilitated a more comprehensive and insightful perspective of both the legal and human issues at stake. I highly recommend Kathleen and will certainly bring cases for her to mediate again.”

—John R. Nicholson, Assistant Attorney General, State of Washington

"Kathleen has a rare combination of skills that allow her to help parties reach consensus in the most difficult of situations.  She consistently exhibits strong legal knowledge, excellent communication skills, compassion and patience in mediations.  She is always well prepared, respectful to all parties and creative in her approach to issues. She has a sincere desire to help the parties find a resolution they can believe in.  Each time I have worked with Kathleen, the parties have reached an agreement despite believing that no agreement would be possible.  I admire Kathleen Wareham and am fortunate to have been able to work with her."

          ---Diana M. Zottman, Attorney, Keller Rohrback

“Kathleen Wareham acted as mediator in a case I had set for trial in King County Superior Court. The case did not settle after a half-day mediation. While some cases still have a reasonable chance of settling after an unsuccessful mediation, I felt this case had absolutely no chance, given where the parties were and the unique facts pertaining to the history of the case. Kathleen, however, continued working on the case long after the original mediation, and about six weeks after the original mediation, I received a message that the case had settled with Kathleen’s assistance.

Kathleen went way above and beyond the call of duty as a mediator in this case. The only reason the case settled was Kathleen’s skill and extreme perseverance, which is rarely seen in mediators today. In fact, I can’t ever recall seeing such perseverance exhibited by a mediator I have been involved with.”

           —Steve Takahashi, Attorney

“Kathleen Wareham is especially skilled at getting estranged family members to listen to each other—the first step in resolving problems—and she has a gift for helping people talk through issues. I have worked with Kathleen as a facilitator in several family meetings, where I did not really expect the family members to stay in the same room, but she made it work. She managed the meeting to keep people on track, while still honoring everyone’s need to be heard, and kept them working on challenging and sometimes overwhelming issues, always resulting in new insights and often resulting in reconciliation.”

—Michelle Graunke, Attorney

“Kathleen Wareham's confidence in the power of mediation creates a resolution process that is unique among mediators. Her real commitment to and positive confidence in the process creates a forum for real communication. Her thorough preparation for each matter allows her to quickly focus on what's important, and guide the parties toward a solution and away from contentious differences. Ms. Wareham is a tireless facilitator who stays on task until the matter is resolved. If a matter can be resolved Kathleen Wareham is the mediator to get it resolved.”

Mike Duggan, Mediator, Attorney

“Kathleen Wareham’s attentive listening and gracious leadership help families, attorneys, and fiduciaries navigate stormy waters. The clients are able and willing to talk to each other in a respectful yet direct manner, address conflict that would have otherwise festered, and clear up the misunderstandings that lead to dispute.”

Jacob Menashe, Attorney

“Thank you for everything you did to help my family reach an agreement. You are very kind and talented. Thanks again for your hard work.”

—Deborah J. Carter, Party

“I have had the good fortune to work with Kathleen Wareham as both lawyer and fellow mediator. She successfully mediated a very difficult and highly emotional guardianship for a former client of mine. I doubted it would settle, but her sensitivity to the human issues won over the parties, and her creative approach to problem solving crafted a workable solution. I subsequently asked Kathleen to assist me, acting as co-mediator, in a challenging lawsuit I was hired to mediate. Working together, we settled the case: Kathleen's energy and persistence helped keep me, the parties, and the process moving toward resolution.”

—Donald L. Logerwell, Mediator, Arbitrator, Attorney

“Kathleen Wareham is a quick study, able to keep a command of many details and facts while helping the attorneys and parties resolve their legal dispute.”

—Joe Gordon Jr. and Eileen Peterson, Gordon, Thomas, Honeywell

“I have had the good fortune to have Kathleen Wareham as a mediator on a difficult guardianship and trust controversy. I thought the case wouldn’t settle. But Kathleen worked with the parties—suspicious elders and angry children who had been at odds regarding property disposition and care decisions. She kept everyone on track and honored everyone’s need to be heard. Kathleen’s thorough preparation, positive approach, and creativity brought to reconciliation a case I thought was not possible to resolve outside the courtroom.”

—Janet Somers, Attorney, Somers Tamblyn & King

 “Kathleen, thank you again for your tremendous effort and the successful result!”

—Henry Judson, Former Attorney; King County Superior Court Commissioner

Additional former clients and other mediators are available as references. Please contact us to learn more.

Kathleen Wareham Dispute Resolution Services