Kathleen Wareham Dispute Resolution Services
John R. Nicholson, Assistant Attorney General, State of Washington

Resolving Legal Conflicts through Mediation


All legal conflicts will at some point be resolved, and Kathleen Wareham believes the best, most effective way to resolve them is through mediation.

How Mediation Services Work
Mediation is a process in which a mediator helps the parties identify issues; generate and evaluate options; and reach a voluntary, durable agreement. As a skilled, trained, and experienced professional mediator, Kathleen Wareham guides the parties and attorneys through an analysis of the legal issues and underlying nonlegal issues, such as emotional, economic, or political concerns; personality conflicts; and family or organizational dynamics.

Kathleen’s mediation services are distinguished by her ability to establish rapport with all the parties and attorneys, to work tenaciously and effectively throughout the mediation, and to help the attorneys and parties anticipate obstacles and generate solutions. As a result, parties can break through impasse or avoid it altogether.

For more information about how mediation can facilitate dispute resolution, see Benefits of Early Mediation.

Mediation Skills Backed by Legal Experience

Attorneys have selected Kathleen Wareham as their mediator in a wide variety of disputes. To each of these diverse cases, Kathleen has brought her unique approach to mediation: she is skilled, prepared, and dedicated to the resolution of each and every case.

Litigants also benefit because Kathleen’s mediation services focus on fields in which Kathleen has legal experience and facilitation expertise. Twenty years of legal experience in personal injury, negligence, wrongful death, product liability, and premises liability; civil rights; probate, trusts, and estates; and elder law and guardianship enhance Kathleen’s mediation skills. 

A Customized Mediation Process

Is your goal to settle for money damages, or to reach agreement on a policy change? Are you seeking to minimize the expense and risk of trial or appeal? Does your client seek reconciliation, acknowledgment, or control? Kathleen Wareham customizes the mediation process according to the nature of the case and the goals of the participants.

Kathleen and her staff talk to the attorneys in advance of the mediation to hear their suggestions for the mediation process. They discuss many aspects of the case, including who will participate, and whether the parties will want to stay in separate rooms or will be willing to meet in one room for part of the mediation if Kathleen believes doing so would be productive. Discussing the mediation goals and approach with Kathleen and her staff in advance helps assure a successful mediation.

For more information, please see Mediation Preparation Practice Tips, which Kathleen has prepared to help attorneys prepare for a productive, constructive mediation process.

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